The Kiwi Diary 2014


The Kiwi Diary 2014

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The best rectangle-shaped christmas stocking filler this year!

Celebrating one decade on shelves and in satchels, The Kiwi Diary 2014 is the Tenth Anniversary edition of New Zealand's only eco-responsible year planner.  The diary with a difference, The Kiwi Diary is designed to spread inspiration via creativity and useful info, and it's jam-packed with the fruit that fell when we shook the trees of Kiwi culture!  Art, design, recipes and prose from over 80 contributors weave into a publication that is equal parts cultural almanac, art gallery, poetry collection, recipe book and intelligent magazine, with ample space to diarise 2014.

The perfect gift for all who cherish Aotearoa: a unique package of inspiration and innovation.

The 235 pages are bound beneath a luscious cover designed by Mica Still, set by designer Anna Fawdray.

You'll never go hungry for a new idea with The Kiwi Diary 2014; contributors include: Mouth watering recipes from chefs including Logan Brown's head chef Shaun Clouston, Wendy Hillyer of Plentifull Deli, Lauraine Jacobs, Natalia Schamroth of The Engine Room, Tasha Wadeson of Relishes Cafe in Wanaka and delicious 100% raw creations from Jules Barber; poetry from David Eggleton, Jan Kelly, Liz Breslin and Annabel Wilson; Designers including David Trubridge and Lucy Gauntlett; writers Ed Willis, Tim Park, James Shaw, Dr Lee Nelson, Dr Renee Liang, Jamie Joseph, Martyn Pepperell and Dr Prudence Stone, and many more emerging talents from around the country.

Every year we give a percentage of profits to a worthy cause. In 2014 we chose: The One Percent Collective.

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